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9/6/03 Z&M Chili Cook Off

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The Band

glitz9_6_03_36.jpg (49kb) glitz9_6_03_37.jpg (90kb) glitz9_6_03_40.jpg (62kb) glitz9_6_03_41.jpg (66kb)
glitz9_6_03_43.jpg (51kb) glitz9_6_03_48.jpg (47kb) glitz9_6_03_54.jpg (53kb) glitz9_6_03_77.jpg (57kb)

The Bikes

glitz9_6_03_27.jpg (37kb) glitz9_6_03_28.jpg (39kb) glitz9_6_03_29.jpg (48kb) glitz9_6_03_32.jpg (54kb)
glitz9_6_03_35.jpg (52kb) glitz9_6_03_44.jpg (32kb) glitz9_6_03_58.jpg (52kb) glitz9_6_03_62.jpg (988kb)
glitz9_6_03_64.jpg (58kb) glitz9_6_03_67.jpg (80kb) glitz9_6_03_68.jpg (77kb) glitz9_6_03_69.jpg (54kb)
glitz9_6_03_78.jpg (65kb) glitz9_6_03_90.jpg (60kb)    

The Chili

Kathy from New Alexandria had the second place chili for the past 2 years, she showed everybody her Glitz this year and cooked the #1 chili (49kb) Ken Pospisil from Acme, Pa. 4 years and still cookin some awesome chili! (44kb) Lynette from North Huntington, PA was a first time entry this year at Z&M (57kb)
Betty Sholder from North Huntington, PA cooked her award winning chili (38kb) Lisa Krempasay from Monongahela was dishin' out some smokin' chili (37kb) Big Ron kept the bikers hunger at bay with some hot dogs to go with their chili (75kb) Ted & Slim from Arona was smokin with their special Sothwestern style green chili (51kb)
Bill Latta the Donna Karas from Boquet had some awesome chili and placed third at the Z&M chili cook off (48kb) Dennis Gulaski from Liberty Boro  has been servin' up some spectacular chili  for three yers at the Z&M annual chili cook off (38kb)
Cook Off Cook Off Cook Off (51kb) glitz9_6_03_50.jpg (59kb) glitz9_6_03_71.jpg (66kb) glitz9_6_03_75.jpg (34kb)
glitz9_6_03_87.jpg (50kb) Congratulations Kathy! (61kb)